Weekly What’s on at a Glance

Regular events happening in the area are detailed below.  Please note these are subject to change so if you’re unsure it is worth contacting the organisers of the event first.

Regular events

Pre-schoolCommunity Centre9.15 am
BridgeCommunity Centre F22.00 pm
Pickle BallCommunity Centre MH2.30 pm
Martial ArtsCommunity Centre MH4.00 pm
Cub ScoutsScout HQ6.30 pm
Circuit TrainingCommunity Centre6.30 pm
BingoCommunity Centre F17.30 pm
Wootton Players (Oct – Feb)Community Centre7.30 pm
ScoutsScout HQ7.00 pm
Pre-schoolCommunity Centre9.15 am
Chair AerobicsCommunity Centre F210.30 am
Table TennisCommunity Centre11:00 am
Beaver ScoutsScout HQ5.00 pm
BrowniesDry Sandford School6.15 pm
Zumba ToningCommunity Centre6.30 pm
Wootton WarblersSt Peter’s Church7.00 pm
Youth Club (term time)Community Centre7.00 pm
BadmintonCommunity Centre8.00 pm
Pre-schoolCommunity Centre9.15 am
Keep Young, Stay FitCommunity Centre MH10.30 am
Wootton Players (Oct – Feb)Community Centre F37.30 pm
BowlsCommunity Centre MH7.30 pm
Pre-schoolCommunity Centre9.15 am
Community CoffeeCommunity Centre F19.30 am
Table TennisCommunity Centre F311.30 am
Mums and Tots SingingWootton School2.10 pm
PilatesCommunity Centre F26.00 pm
Pre-schoolCommunity Centre9.15 am
TiddlersSt Peter’s Church2.00 pm
PilatesCommunity Centre9.30 am
Zumba ToningCommunity Centre9.30 am
ZumbaCommunity Centre10.30 am
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