Latest COVID WADSCC Advice

stay home protect nhs save lives
stay home protect nhs save lives

You can find the latest advice on COVID here:

Please check with the organisers prior to going to any organised club or event in case it has been cancelled. Many of our regular clubs and societies have currently suspended their operations.

There are specific COVID related Terms and Conditions of Hire that you should be aware of when booking. Read them below.

These terms of hire are in addition to the standard terms of hire. DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC:

General Conditions:

  1. Prior to the start of hire, the HIRER shall provide the Executive Committee with a covid-19 risk assessment (a template is available upon request).
  2. HIRER must ensure that they do not allow anyone who is unwell to attend the PREMISES.
  3. The HIRER shall ensure that all users adhere to the current social distancing guidelines.
  4. All users are requested to wait in cars or if this is not possible, outside in a line keeping appropriate social distance.
  5. The HIRER shall take the details of all people attending and store these details for 21 days. These details must be made available upon request either by the Executive Committee or the Police. Under GDPR the HIRER must obtain consent from users for their details to be held for this purpose. No user may enter the building without providing this information and consent.
  6. The HIRER must notify the Executive Committee should a user develop Covid-19 Symptoms within 14 days of being in the Community Centre.
  7. Any equipment used should be cleaned by the HIRER prior to use and after use using an appropriate disinfectant cleaner; this includes but is not limited to door handles, light switches, window handles, tables and chairs.
  8. The HIRER is requested to ensure that the activity they are carrying out is permitted under the current Government Guidelines available from
  9. The HIRER is advised to limit numbers of users accessing the toilets at any one time and is encouraged to limit the use of toilet facilities in so far as is possible and that all users use hand sanitizer frequently.
  10. The HIRER is recommended to take any payment from users by cashless methods.
  11. Users over the age of three years old are advised to wear face coverings where appropriate.
  12. The HIRER is responsible for providing disinfectant and cloths for their own use and must supply a bin bag for use during hire. ALL RUBBISH must be removed from the PREMISES at the end of hire.

Function Room 1

  1. The named hirer is requested to provide access to users through the fire doors and for users to queue up socially distanced to the rear of the building.
  2. The maximum number of people is limited to 20.
  3. No exercise-style class may take place due to the carpet.

Main Hall

16. Users are to enter and exit though the main entrance.
17. The maximum number of people is limited to 30.
18. The stage is not available for use. Users may not enter this area.

Function Rooms 2 & 3

19. These rooms are not currently available as they are in use.


  1. Alternate sinks and urinals have been closed. These must not be used.
  2. The HIRER must clean all surfaces before the arrival of users and at the end of the period of hire.
  3. The hand driers are not available for use. All paper towels for hand drying must be placed in the bins provided.

Chairman: Karen Fysh; Vice Chairman: Sue Alder Treasurer: Brian Miller Company Number: 6441376 Charity Number: 1121899

Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre Lamborough Hill

OX13 6DA



23. The kitchens will not be available for use. HIRERS are requested to discourage the consumption of food and drink. However, where this is not possible, users should bring their own supplies and receptacles.

Provision by the Community Centre

24. Regular Cleaning will be carried out by the Community Centre at the end of each day. 25. Hand sanitizer will be available at the main entrances of the building.

To ensure the safety of the community, failure to comply will prevent the HIRER from further use of the Community Centre.

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